Oil Versus Mayo: Which Condiments Go On A South Jersey Hoagie?

2021-12-25 02:50:10 By : Mr. sam yu

It's the debate to end all sandwich debates: anything regarding a South Jersey hoagie is fair game for an argument, including their name. Yep, some people call the "subs".

Whether you call the beloved lunch sandwich a "sub" or a "hoagie", one thing it's likely that most Philadelphia and South Jersey residents can agree on are what should go on top of one. Now, it really doesn't matter whether or not you prefer an Italian hoagie or an American one, most people would agree that it should have oil and vinegar. Even if there can be some disagreements about whether or not vinegar is considered a condiment staple, to enjoy a hoagie sans anything on top whatsoever is usually not heard of much here in this region.

Still, some people do prefer their hoagies dry, but they're few and far between. The real debate here is whether or not the real way to enjoy a hoagie is with oil on top or mayonnaise.

Oil or mayo, people! That's the number one argument. You see it on Reddit, you see it on Facebook, it's even been on Twitter at least once. Most people would say that you have oil over mayo if it's a true Philly/South Jersey hoagie. Still, we wanted to see the results for ourselves.

We've drafted a poll for you to cast your vote in to see if our assumptions are correct regarding a South Jersey resident's wet condiment preference. Make sure to make your choice below.