The freshest catch! Try premium chirashi cake, sashimi bento box by this Mandaluyong shop

2022-09-19 00:49:33 By : Ms. Nancy Xu

MANILA, Philippines – Sashimi is life, especially when it’s fresh, premium, and presented via a beautiful chirashi cake by local food commissary Infinity Gourmet Foods!

Chirashi – which means “scattered” in Japanese – is Japan’s traditional way of presenting different kinds of sashimi (raw fish), usually served on a bowl of sushi rice. Infinity Gourmet offers its own take with an intricate Chirashi Cake, which has been a consistent customer hit since it launched in the pandemic.

It’s called a “cake” because Infinity Gourmet’s curated selection of sashimi sits atop a solid, stable, and well-packed base of moist sushi rice, mixed in with wakame (seaweed) and kani (crabstick) as refreshing partners to the sashimi. It truly is a visual feast, accentuated with edible flowers; it’s perfect for special occasions at home or as a surprise gift that’ll spoil any sushi-obsessed loved one.

The Chirashi Cake combines a curated and varied mix of the freshest imported and local catches of the day, and by “fresh” I mean VERY. The premium quality of Infinity Gourmet’s sashimi is unmistakable, as compared to the many cheaper versions of sashimi around. Not a single piece is chewy, malitid, malansa, or unevenly cut. The prices may be more expensive, but it’s worth your money if you’re willing to splurge on a high-end, restaurant-quality, bang-for-your-buck sashimi experience from home.

On the Chirashi Cake you’re getting thick, buttery slices of Norwegian Salmon; tender Bluefin Tuna Chutoro, Yellowfin Tuna; fatty Bluefin Tuna Otoro; soft Hamachi (yellowtail); Hotate (Hokkaido scallops) that just melt in your mouth; chewy Hokkigai (surf clam) that I’ve never had before but was intrigued by; soft and sweet Tamago; and high-quality Shimesaba (cured mackerel) and Kajiki (blue marlin). Scattered around the cake is big, juicy Ikura (salmon roe) for an extra pop of (sea) saltiness.

Infinity Gourmet’s Chirashi Cake comes in two sizes: 6″ (P3,750) good for 3-4 people, and 8″ (P4,800) good for 5-7 people.

If you want something less festive but equally premium and eye-catching, try Infinity Gourmet’s Infinity Bento Box, a treat customers love to gift others. Aside from the beautiful and sturdy Japanese bento box it comes with, the selection and quality of the sashimi and sushi inside is one of a kind. “It was created because we wanted people to really experience dining in a legit Japanese restaurant even at home,” Infinity Gourmet told Rappler.

Meticulously placed to form a beautiful bento of fresh sashimi, the Bento Box includes the same buttery Norwegian Salmon topped with caviar, Hamachi, Chutoro, Hokkigai, Hotate, Ikura, and a side of creamy, smooth Uni (sea urchin). On the side are a few pieces of premium nigiri aburi sushi – Wagyu Nigiri, soft Unagi Nigiri, and Foie Gras Nigiri, each one torched slightly and just as tasty.

The Infinity Bento Box (P5,650) comes with freshly-grated wasabi, gari (pink picked ginger), and a special brewed shoyu (soy sauce).

It’s no wonder that the quality of sashimi isn’t compromised – Infinity Gourmet’s air-flown fish arrive every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays, directly from Japan and Norway. That’s why orders can only come in and be delivered from Wednesdays to Sundays, to maintain the freshness.

“Every morning, our chefs freshly fillet fish in preparation for the days’ orders. Our homegrown greens and flowers are hand-picked weekly to ensure freshness. Each order is packed properly inside an insulated bag with ice packs, making it safe for travel. We have catered to clients as far as Laguna, Batangas, Davao, and Isabela,” Infinity Gourmet said.

Surprisingly enough, Infinity Gourmet Foods just started in the middle of the pandemic, with only live and frozen seafood on its menu. The business expanded only to premium seafood and sashimi and sushi in June last year.

“We took advantage of the market gap since traveling was still prohibited back then and we wanted to bring the food that people miss closer to home,” Infinity Gourmet said.

The owners did not want to serve just ordinary sushi and sashimi in trays – they wanted it to be “presented creatively and pleasing to all the senses,” so that people would love to give their products as gifts to others or as a splurge-worthy gift to themselves. As a sushi-crazed person myself, Infinity Gourmet’s wow-worthy sashimi offerings are perfect for just that!

Infinity Gourmet Foods’ hub is located in Mandaluyong City. 5:30 pm is the order cut-off for same-day delivery around Metro Manila. To place your orders, you can Viber at +639052010490 or message via Instagram. –

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