Naturally fermented instant soy sauce powder

Name: Soy Sauce Powder Details:organoleptic property :characteristic flavor of natural fermented soy sauce, with rich, ester, alcoholic flavor, without in nutrients as amino acids and pr

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Name: Soy Sauce Powder
organoleptic property :
characteristic flavor of natural fermented soy sauce, with rich, ester, alcoholic flavor, without off-flavor.

characteristics: in nutrients as amino acids and proteins.
2.imparting rich taste and natural deliciousness.
3.lasting flavor, delicious and pure mouth feel.
4.homogeneous and fine powder with good flowability.
5.good anti-hygroscopicity.

The soy sauce powder is produced by spay drying, holding the natural odor of soy sauce and can be dissolved easily. It has excellent taste and flavor which can be used to instant noodles, snack foods and other food etc.
The soy sauce has a long history of more than 1800 years in China. Made from soybean, wheat, and bran, it presents henna and gives off a nice and fragrant smell. Although originated in China, it is used in various cuisines across Asia.
Soy sauce is an essential seasoning in oriental food culture and widely used in cooking any kind of dishes, such as vegetables, meat,salad, Sushi,sashimi, seafood etc. And add a fragrant taste to your meal.
Widely used as flavor and seasoning in convenience noodle seasoning mix, soup mix, expanded snack, delicious biscuit, meat (canned) products.
1.specification: (4kg x 4)/case.
2.packaging: in nylon bag and corrugated case.
Storage: Deposited in shady, cool, dry, ventilated
Shelf life:In the required storage conditions,the packaging is intact,without unsealing the case of 12 months.

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